The Ultimate St. Louis Cardinals Fan Gear

The St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball team, based out of St. Louis, Missouri, have a diverse line of merchandise associated with the team uniform, logos and franchise. These merchandised products include exclusive lines of clothing, collectables or memorabilia, and media. 

The clothing line of merchandise produced for the St. Louis Cardinals includes unisex jerseys and baseball caps, as well as clothing tailored for male and female sizes. The distinctive jerseys are produced to designs that reflect the style of the uniforms of the team, and carry the teams “birds on the bat” logo, which was introduced in 1998. In accordance with convention, the jersey is numbered on the back, often denoting the player it is intended to represent or advertise. Also, the jerseys are produced using a lightweight and ventilated cotton and polyester fabric, such as that used by the team.

The range of baseball caps made available within the St. Louis Cardinals franchise are primarily produced as either red or white, or both, with the exception of caps intended to denote heritage or discontinued team uniforms. The standard team logo found on these caps is a distinctive text logo, either comprising an “S.L” initialed motif, or a full-text motif. These products are also produced in a variety of materials, offering different practical or cosmetic qualities to potential customers. 

The team also provides male and female clothing bearing various St. Louis Cardinals logos superimposed on various colors and styles to suit a variety of tastes, and allowing fans to strongly advertise or mildly endorse their team whilst wearing clothes that suit their fashion interests. 

Collectibles made available by the team franchise include a wide range of items, ranging from art and baseball equipment to novelties and toys. These items are intended to celebrate the team and its history, and are essentially new products that are exclusive to the team. Collectors may favour these products because they are often produced in limited editions, and may be given as gifts. 

Memorabilia are also available, and mainly consist of autographed items such as jerseys, baseballs and photos. These items tend to be additionally valued as future relics of preserved moments in the history of the team, and are a popular form of merchandise in the baseball industry. 

Another popular form of merchandise is media, which consists of books and DVDs made available by the St Louis Cardinals for their fans. These materials are often considered collectible, and consist of historic video and commentary archive collections, as well as more recent video coverage of sports events, such as the World Series. Educational material for youngsters can also be found in book format. 

The St Louis Cardinals, like most of the other Major League Baseball Teams, distribute their merchandise primarily from either approved retailers or their official online shop. As the fan-base of the team would be the main source of consumption for these products, the team relies on its performance in order to promote its merchandise, as has been the case with numerous other teams, including those in other sports.

Each season, Major League Baseball teams play 162 matches that are watched with avid interest by Americans all over the country. Most cities have large stadiums to let people watch and cheer their home teams. St. Louis Cardinals is one such team that forms part of Major League Baseball (MLB). More precisely, this professional team of baseball players representing St. Louis, Missouri is a member of National League’s Central Division. It is MLB that organizes National League each season. 

St. Louis Cardinals joined National League in 1892. This team is commonly referred to as the Cardinals. Each professional baseball team of MLB has a uniform of its own. Therefore, the Cardinals wear Cardinal clothing, i.e., the Cardinals caps, and the Cardinals jerseys so that the spectators can identify them. The caps often have logos, which have been modified several times since they were first adopted. At times this logo appeared on sleeves of their jerseys or shirts as well. The logo that was introduced early on had the letters “S”, “T”, and “L” which were intertwined. In 1920’s, the caps were white with red stripes. Presently, the Cardinals sport caps on Sundays at home that show a single cardinal bird seated on a baseball bat. The team gets its name from this bird. The color of caps has also undergone changes quite often. A navy blue colored cap made an appearance in 1940’s. In 1956, however, this color was changed to red.

The team has a “home” and a “road” uniform. These too have undergone changes over the years. At present though, the home uniform of the Cardinals is white in color, the road uniform is gray in color. In 1920’s the players wore front button shirts that had St. Louis written across the white home uniforms. The gray uniforms for the road laid greater emphasis on cardinal red. Subsequently, striped clothing became the identification of the Cardinals. The two cardinal birds as seen today on the Cardinals clothing were introduced for the first time in 1922. These birds are seated at two ends of the baseball bat, facing each other. The letter “C” in the word “Cardinals” holds the rest of word by hooking on to the baseball bat. These letters are essentially in cursive format. Initially, the bat was black in color, but this was changed to yellow in 1951. In 1940’s the team wore a navy blue uniform, with navy blue caps. In 1971, the traditional shirts with buttons were replaced by modern pullover type of jerseys. For a while gray road uniforms were also changed into light blue uniforms between 1976 and 1984. Shirts and pants returned in 1992.

Americans, especially the youngsters are crazy about this game. These fans are willing to spend monies on any Cardinals Collectibles, be it Cardinal cap, or jersey that their idol wore. Throwbacks and replicas of these Cardinal clothes are high on demand list. Fans buy any Cardinals memorabilia, including Cardinals Baseball Cards, Cardinals Books, and Cardinals DVDs. What makes these seemingly valueless objects special is the hero worship, and the history associated with them. People are willing to pay as high as $395 dollars for some of these jerseys and caps. The baseball bats used by the sportspersons also fetch good monies.